Yabonga- Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Yabonga provides a sustainable model of holistic care and support to families and communities affected by HIV, in order to enable them to live independent, productive, healthy lives. Yabonga’s various programmes cater for almost 1000 children made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS who live in poor township areas around Cape Town. The younger children are assisted through the community mothers project supported by Orange Babies.

Community mothers are women living in the target areas, most of whom are HIV positive themselves, who open their homes to take care of the children. Twenty mothers cook for about 30 children each. In addition to providing the children with a warm meal, the community mothers ensure that the children take their medication correctly, help them with homework and facilitate group conversations around pressing issues such as loss and grief, violence and sexuality as well as personal hygiene.

In order to be fully equipped for the task, the women receive extensive training before the children are placed in their care.