Requests for support are made to the Orange Babies HIV NGO on a regular basis. These are invariably projects that assist women and children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS or projects aimed at reducing mother-to- child transmission. Projects in need are often referred to us by the organisation’s associates, such as co-ordinators, supervisors and doctors.

How we operate

Applications are submitted to the Orange Babies NGO’s offices, after which they are read and discussed internally. If an application meets our criteria, it is submitted to the project committee for review.The project committee advises the board on every project and the board makes the final decision regarding our involvement. In the case of a favourable board decision, a project contract is drawn up by our legal partners and signed by the project’s management – typically the CEO or founder of the project. The contract covers the allocation of funds, the duration of the project and any supplementary conditions.


The projects are monitored by local supervisors and through various systems, including regular visits, semester and annual reports, working visits by the managing director and project committee and board trips.

Country managers / supervisors

Our primary monitors are the country managers and / or supervisors of the three countries the Orange Babies HIV NGO operates in, namely, South Africa, Namibia and Zambia. Their first duty is to keep in regular contact with the projects. They monitor whether money allocated is invested correctly, assist in writing semester and annual reports and draft a final report for each country. They are also responsible for generating publicity for Orange Babies in the countries concerned.

Project committee

The project committee meets three times a year to discuss grants, supervision and efficiency and to scrutinise semester and annual project reports in detail. The committee has developed a classification system that allows it to determine the status of projects according to three criteria:

Green: 80% or more of the intended results have been achieved;
the projects are progressing as expected. There are no risks.

Yellow: 50% to 80% of the intended results have been achieved;
the project needs attention and additional supervision. An action plan must be drafted.

Red: Less than 50% of the intended results have been achieved; the project needs to be adjusted urgently. An action plan must be drafted and progress monitored closely.

With the efforts of the board, the country manager and the project committee, we are able to ensure that every aspect of the strategic and operational workings of Orange Babies is closely monitored and supervised to guarantee optimal use of donor funds.