Orange Babies Child Development Programme

The OBCDP is situated in 5 Rand, an informal and impoverished settlement on the outskirts of Okahandja, which is a small town 40 minutes’ drive from Windhoek. The project provides nutritional support to 320 children, of which 87 are HIV positive and on antiretroviral treatment. These are all orphans and vulnerable children who are either infected or affected by HIV. The programme operates from the premise of the 5 Rand primary school, which is run by the government and accommodates learners from grade 1 to 7.

Orange Babies also provides primary health care to the children through the mobile clinics of Pharm Access, which visits the project twice a month. This is a vital service delivered to the 5 Rand community and the mobile clinic is the school’s closest health care facility. The project is run by a Project officer, community mothers and 4 cooks, all of whom are employed by Orange Babies. The community mothers ensure that every child is well taken care of and are a vital part of the Orange Babies Child Development Programme.