Just Footprints Camp for Khaya Youth

Our Mount Olive Khaya Centre project does an unbelievable amount of good, and has an outstanding number of programmes to help everyone in the Lehae community. One of which is the Young Life programme, catering to teens in the community who show leadership potential and a drive to achieve. This phenomenal group of about 60 youth were asked, during a visit from our colleagues in the Netherlands some years ago, what their biggest wish is. There was an overwhelming request for a leadership camp.

This seed was planted and slowly but surely began to grow until finally, thanks to some incredible donors and relentless work, the dream became a reality.

On the 31st of March 2016 the youth and 15 caretakers from Mount Olive, armed with stylish Orange Babies tote bags, filled with everything they needed for a three-day camp, all made possible by a group of incredibly generous individuals.

What they hadn’t been told was that they were in for a boot camp, and would be woken the next day at dawn by loudspeakers and calls for room inspection! After the post potjiekos cooking competition celebrations that had left everyone too excited to sleep, it was a rude awakening, but with a delightful treat – an early morning game-drive!

The camp was filled with games and activities, sports and downtime, delicious food, water slides, creative outlets, interesting chats and a lot of learning and fun. For most, it was an absolute dream come true, and for all, a first-time experience.

We are so unbelievably grateful to all involved in making this happen. Our most sincere thanks must go to The Just Footprints Foundation, New Sosco Clothing Enterprises, Protea Hotel Wanderers, the Johannesburg Indian Women’s Association, The Angel Network (special thanks to Nicole Cohen for arranging and collecting all donations), and of course Valencia and the phenomenal team at Mount Olive for, as always, putting the kids first and making this all possible.

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