Introducing… Our new ambassadors!

Last week was Youth Day and our projects all did their bit to honour the youth of 1976 who fought for equal education and rights for all.

But one project in particular, the Khaya Centre in Lehae, was lucky enough to be joined in their celebrations by our fantastic foot soldiers and, most excitingly, our brand new ambassadors, the Goliaths!

Brothers Jason, Donovan and Nicholas Goliath, along with Kate Goliath, founded Goliath and Goliath three years ago with the dream of “bringing comedy to everyone, and everyone to comedy.” They now run one of the most successful comedy clubs in the country, showcasing not only their own brand of humour but also offering a space for upcoming performers to grow and shine.

Just this month, they agreed to grow their own family by joining ours, as the newest Orange Babies South Africa ambassadors.

They join an impressive troupe; Marianne Fassler, Sam Nhlengethwa, Arnold Tanzer, Criselda Kanada and of course our own funny man, Marc Lottering.

Welcome to the family, we are thrilled to have you on board and so excited to work together on some pretty special projects…!

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