The Final Episode – Zambia  

Still a few days of project visits to go, but this is my last report. For a period of 20 days I shared the highlights and downplays with you. I hope I managed to share my experiences with you. I am extremely excited about and proud of all I have seen in the last few weeks.

Zambia Orange Babies

Day 21) The final episode

Today we had an impressive day at the Pa Kachele school and the Home Based Care Project. This programme has been initiated to take care of people who live in the slums of Ngombe. But the project has evolved into a fantastic programme not only taking care of the people who are ill but also of the adolescents and the youth. I am still ‘shaking’ due to the strength I received from the performance of these boys. It’s my dream to bring them to Amsterdam one day.

Orange Babies does an amazing job in Africa. We do what we can and what we do, we do it well. Sometimes we make mistakes but we correct them and move on…

All thanks to the support of the office, sponsors, partners, ambassadors, the board, the founders and the local population. We have to continue with what we do.

A big thank you to everyone, also on behalf of my co-founder and fellow traveler John!