Ehalelo Koo Meme

Young Mothers learn from experienced mothers

The project was set up to provide care to pregnant women in general and to HIV positive women and their children in particular. These mothers and children are referred by maternity and paediatric
departments of clinics. The project is a supplement to the PMTCT programme from the government and, literally translated, it means “hope for mothers”. There are three centres within a 170 km radius, established in three different cities: Windhoek, Rehoboth and Okahandja. Whenever mothers are referred to one of the Ehalelo Koo Meme centres a nurse looks after them.

The women and children are weighed and measured and they receive a general check-up. They also receive a food parcel every fortnight during their follow-up visits. House calls are made by counsellors and volunteers to get a picture of the home environment. Only mothers who are able to prepare a bottle of formula in an hygienic way will receive 12 months’ supply of formula for their baby as an alternative to breastfeeding. House calls are also made when the women and their children do not show up for their follow-up visits at one of the centres. All mothers are expected to attend group meetings during which various themes are discussed, such as HIV, AIDS, hygiene, sexual education and raising children.