Orange Babies South Africa is a branch of the Dutch Orange Babies NGO whose aim is to save babies lives; to help pregnant women with HIV and their babies in Africa. Orange Babies also supports children who are infected with or directly affected by HIV. We provide help by offering information programs and medical care and by building orphanages, maternity clinics and shelters for these women and children. We welcome your support, whether you want to volunteer or make a donation. We appreciate any form of contribution.

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The Orange Babies HIV NGO was originally conceived by Baba Sylla, born and
raised in Senegal. In 1998 Sylla went to visit his family in Senegal for a few weeks. During his stay a pregnant woman knocked on the door asking his father, Bafode Sylla for help. Bafode was a well-known man in the area; he owned a large number of houses and was always willing to help people. The woman told him she had AIDS. She asked if it was possible to give birth to her baby in his house and later on die there as well.
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The Final Episode – Zambia  

Still a few days of project visits to go, but this is my last report. For a period of 20 days I shared the highligh...

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Day 15) Despite the delay, our long-cherished dream to provide our children in the 5-Rand community with the bes...

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A blast from the past, return to “New Jerusalem” in Midrand

Day 14) Back at New Jerusalem Today’s highlight is our visit to New Jerusalem. New Jerusalem is a former project...

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Requests for support are made to the Orange Babies NGO on a regular basis. These are invariably projects that assist women and children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS or projects aimed at reducing mother-to- child transmission. Our HIV/AIDS projects in need are often referred to us by the organisation’s associates, such as co-ordinators, supervisors and doctors.

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There are many ways to get involved with Orange Babies. We welcome your support, whether you lend a hand or make a donation.

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